My paintings are the world in which I live...

Maria Andrade Andrade is a Russian-Ecuadorian painter, photographer and graphic designer.
Maria paints in a studio in Brussels where she has been living since 2011.
Her philosophical colors are blue and gold, her favourite theme is trees and music.
She works in a highly decorative style inspired by Russian icons. 
Maria is a member of The International Art Fund and has participated
in numerous exhibitions and competitions around the world.
They have included The 7th Annual Art International Exhibition at BoxHeart Expressions Gallery in Pittsburgh;
the Manhattan Arts Gallery in New York; the Agora Gallery in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.
Her paintings are also in private collections worldwide including Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.
Furthermore she manufactures, designs and promotes her own line of silk scarves www.loorfashion.com
Her other projects have included illustrations and book cover designs for a number of publications including
The Dragon of Prali (2010) and The Wizard of Prali (2011) by American writer Davidson L. Haworth.
Now she is studying art and photography at the Art Academy in Brussels.
And with her sister, Diana, she is also designing fashion accessories
incorporating her unique artistic style.

By Danee Gilmartin, Getting to Know Maria Andrade Andrade Over a Glass of Half and Half 15.03.2010
...I asked her where she gets her vibrant visions and inspiration
and she explained that she sees an image through a mental prism and when
projected onto the canvas there is a reformation of reality…a more vibrant reality...
read all www.museumchick.com

Boxheart's 'Art Inter/National' builds a strong reputation By Kurt Shaw