Illustration Andrade Andrade Maria

Design of the book II by Davidson L. Haworth

Prali is a small town in the highlands of the Northern Italy choosen by Davidson L. Haworth as a location of his story. Davidson has been working on his fantasy trilogy since 2006. The first book, The Dragon of Prali, was released in February 2010 and is now spreading all over the world, giving its readers the pleasure of classical fantasy genre. Meanwhile, Davidson is writing the second book of the trilogy. 

Illustration Andrade Andrade Maria 2008-2009 Belgium Design of the book
Dragon of Prali by Davidson L. Haworth 2009 www.davidsonlhaworth.com

The objective of this competition is to design a logo that symbolises the free modern woman.
So what does women's sportswear represent? Fashion, comfort and practicality.
One of the logos in the attachment is a bird, which represents freedom. Yes the birds are free and soar above the heights! When a bird flies you feel the very freedoms and flying ..a soaring bird is the freedom of movement, natural and beautiful.
A bird's feathers are its clothes. And they help her to be free and comfortable and beautiful.
And these are the same things we think of when we think of clothes for women. Something gentle and pretty.
Now, take a flower..its petals are its clothes and act as protection. And the cotton plant and its flowers have long been used to make clothes. And the material is a symbol of grandeur.
I want you to consider three options for the sportwear logo for Anne Klein.
The design should be a flying bird, feathers or a flower to represent a woman's freedom.

Illustration book
Collected works in three volumes of Daniil Kharms

Moscow 2010

Design folder Gid hotel
Moscow 2009
Card for Morgan
Moscow 2009
Design folder Gid hotel
Moscow 2009

Design. Imposition. Creation and development of 16 strips. Branded style. Format A3 2005

Brussels Belgium 2010
Design of a cover of magazine
Moscow 2006

Design of the fotobook 2009 Belgium

Design catalogue Gid hotel 2008 Moscow Poster design GOLOS 2011 Moscow

Design catalogue Gid hotel 2008 Moscow

Poster design GOLOS 2011 Moscow

Design web site Blagovest 2005 (concept)

Color sketches In my ideas (paper A4) 2006 Moscow