Maria Andrade Andrade is an artist, designer and art photographer with roots in Russia and Ecuador.
She was born in Russia, in 1981 and graduated with a degree Design and Drawing in Russia in 2001.
She has been studying art in Belgium since 2009 and has now settled there.
Since 2006 Maria has been a member of the International Art Fund.
Her works have been exhibited at major events including:
The 7th Annual Art InterNational Exhibition at BoxHeart Expressions Gallery in Pittsburgh (USA),
Manhattan Arts Gallery in New York (USA), Art House in Moscow (Russia),
Banca Monte dei Paschi in Brussels (Belgium), Art Centre Miami (USA),
Agora gallery in Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France) and many others.
Her paintings are represented in private collections all over the world.
Maria is also working on design projects such as illustrations and book covers including: 
 The Dragon of Prali (2010) and The Wizard of Prali (2011)
 by  American writer Davidson L. Haworth.
Now she is studying art and photography at the Art Academy in Brussels.
And with her sister, Diana, she is also designing fashion accessories
incorporating her unique artistic style.